Product Details

  • Microprocessor Based Static EFR, 5%-80%

    Model No : EFSPL-01

    Prok dv’s make Definite Time / Instantaneous Static Earth Fault Relay (EFR) is a current sensing device which is tropicalised, professionally designed and tested for protection of Generators, Transformers and Feeders. Prok dv’s make Static Definite Time & Instantaneous Earth Fault Relay (EFR) can be employed with various earth fault protective schemes, which are explained in brief with figures. The magnitude of the earth fault current depends on the fault impedance and invariably the fault impedance for earth fault is higher than that for phase faults, hence the earth fault current is low compared to the phase fault currents. The fault impedance depends on the system parameter and also on type of earthing. The neutral may be solidly grounded, grounded through resistance or reactance.


    • Static Device
    • Compact, Reliable with Aesthetic Value
    • Rugged, Robust and Tropicalised design
    • Consistent repeat accuracy
    • Wide Current Operating range
    • LED Indication for Healthy & Fault Status
    • Manual Reset & Low Burden on CT Secondary

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