Product Details

  • Microprocessor Based Static REFR - DIN, 5%-80%

    Model No : DMPREFR

    The application of powerful microprocessors DIGITAL MICROPROCESSOR BASED
    RESTRICTED EARTH FAULT RELAY (REFR) opens a new chapter for power system protective
    relaying. The digital processing of measured values and the ability to perform complex
    arithmetic and logic operations, give digital protection relays significant performance and
    flexibility improvements over their traditional analogue counterparts. Additional
    advantages - very small power consumption, adaptability, self-supervision, smaller
    physical construction and selectable relay characteristics - all combine to allow the
    implementation of accurate and highly reliable protection schemes at a significantly
    reduced financial burden.


    • Microprocessor Based Design
    • Wide Setting Ranges
    • Universal Auxiliary supply 85-275V AC/DC
    • Rugged and Compact Design
    • 8 Character Back-lit LCD
    • Display of Fault current

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