Product Details

  • Microprocessor based Under/Over Voltage Relay 4W

    Model No : LVM-11

    Prok dvs make AC Digital Microcontroller Based Definite-Time Under Voltage (UV) and Over Voltage (OV)/ Line Voltage Monitor (LVM) is a microcontroller based voltage monitoring and supervision  relay  for poly-phase system. It can monitor both under voltage (UV) and over voltage (OV) conditions in the system. Both under voltage (UV) & over voltage (OV) conditions are associated with definite time tripping characteristics. It has wide setting range of operating time on the occurrence of fault condition.

    DIGITAL MICROCONTROLLER BASED DEFINITE TIME UNDER VOLTAGE (UV) AND OVER VOLTAGE RELAY/ LINE VOLTAGE MONITOR(LVM) provides wide range of time delay for healthy resumption of the operating voltage. 


    • Site selectable system voltage
    • Continuous display of measured voltage parameter
    • 16 character 2 line LCD display with back-lit
    • Accurate reading for balanced and unbalanced load
    • Wide range of auxiliary input for both AC & DC
    • Independent contacts for both Under & Over voltage
    • Self reset & site selectable reset gap
    • Built in fixed instantaneous Under & Over voltage highest trip
    • User friendly setting modes using key pads
    • Low power consumption
    • Tropicalized design using micro controller & Ideal for industrial environment