Product Details

  • Microprocessor based Under Voltage Relay 4W

    Model No : LVM-02

    • Monitoring & Supervision of Under and Over voltage in power generating plants &
      distribution system
    • To protect Generators & AMF switch boards
    • For protection of synchronous & induction motors
    • For transformer feeder panel
    • Protection for capacitor control panels


    • Site selectable system voltage
    • Continuous display of the measured voltage parameter
    • 16 character 2 line LCD display with back-lit
    • Accurate reading for balanced and unbalanced load
    • Wide range of auxiliary input for both AC & DC
    • Independent contacts for both Under & Over voltage
    • Self reset & site selectable reset gap
    • Built in fixed instantaneous Under & Over voltage highest trip
    • User friendly setting modes using key pads
    • Tropicalized design using micro controller & Ideal for industrial environment