Product Details

  • Numerical Draw-out 3 O/C & 1 E/F

    Model No : PD442-ND

    The micro-controller continuously monitors the magnitude of the phase current and
    the neutral current .whenever the phase current or the earth current magnitude exceeds the
    present value corresponding line / earth element will pick up and relay will trip after time
    interval calculated by the selected IDMT curves. Whenever the fault level exceeds the
    selected high set range, the relay will trip for high set, ignoring the selected IDMT curves. The
    timer logic is processed and after comparison with set time schedules, tripping signals are
    issued accordingly. There are two output relays , each output relay has two change over
    contacts either for alarm or tripping. The output relays are programmable.
    The relay rating (In) is field selectable either 1A or 5A. The relay has RS 485 com port which can
    be used with modbus protocol for communication purposes.


    • Three phase, high-set, non-directional Over current relay with instantaneous or definite time function
    • Low-set non -directional Earth fault Relay with inverse definite minimum time (IDMT) or definite time characteristics
    • Password protection
    • RS-485 communication port with modbus protocol
    • Separate heavy duly output contacts provided f or time delayed phase fault with high-set and time delayed Earth Fault with high-set
    • Consistent repeat accuracy
    • High Drop-off/Pick-up ratio
    • Poly carbonate front cover with external reset switch