Product Details

  • Microprocessor based Under Voltage Relay 3W

    Model No : LVM-02A

    All the line voltages are monitored and sensed simultaneously using three independent
    scale down potential transducer this low level ac signal is subjected to signal condition,
    which includes surge suppressors and harmonic filter, filtered signal is fed to the ADC of the
    industrial grade pic micro controller, When the sensing voltage level exceeds the user set
    value f or under or over voltage, Digital Microcontroller based definite-time under voltage
    (uv) and over voltage (ov) relay/line voltage monitor(LVM) gives an output signal in the form
    of relay change over for tripping/alarming.


    • Monitoring & Supervision of Under and Over voltage in power generating plants & distribution system
    • To protect Generators & AMF switch boards
    • For protection of synchronous & induction motors
    • For transformer feeder panel
    • Protection for capacitor control panels

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