Product Details

  • Intelligent PF Controller

    Model No : 4-16STAGE

    RISC architecture based, intelligent state-of-the-art PNPF Prok dv's make Digital
    Microcontroller based Intelligent Automatic Power Factor Controller/Regulator/Correction
    Relay (APFCR) with on-line monitoring of line PF through industrial grade back-lit LCD Display.
    The Unit uses one of the tried and time tested intelligent algorithms to switch the capacitor
    banks, in a most optimum combination in a shortest time for any dynamic load conditions
    without the need to select the complicated switching sequences by the user.


    • User entered parameter is stored in non-volatile memory (EEprom)
    • CT Ratio & System Voltage user selectable through key board display
    • Independent of Frequency
    • Most Optimum combination obtained through advanced control programming
    • RISC architecture dedicated Microcontroller based
    • Target pf 0.80lag to 0.90 lead selectable through key board display
    • Auto/Manual mode
    • No complicated setting procedure
    • User friendly interface