Product Details

  • Numerical Digital Voltage Relay

    Model No : PNVNSP

    Prok dv's Digital Microcontroller Based Numerical IDMT/Definite Time/Instantaneous (low
    set/High set) Over Voltage (OV) Under Voltage (UV) Relay with Negative Sequence
    Protection offer reliable and flexible solutions for the protection of plants and feeders. It
    incorporates IDMT characteristics, definite time characteristics and High speed features
    for Over Voltage (OV) and Under Voltage (UV) settings. User friendly selection features-for
    over Voltage (OV) and Under Voltage (UV) settings. An Alphanumeric 2 line 16-characters,
    LCD display with membrane key pads for entering and changing parameters by user.
    Over Voltage (OV), Under Voltage (UV) relay trip indications are provided using LEDs. The
    Aux. Supply is provided by switched mode power supply with input voltage either AC or
    DC with wide range from 85V-275 AC/DC. In case of AC the power supply is designed to
    operate from 45Hz to 65Hz.


    • IDMT & Definite time characteristics
    • Negative phase sequence detection
    • High Pickup/drop off ratio
    • Modular Integrated draw out system
    • Nonvolatile memory for data retention
    • Wide range of system voltages
    • High speed feature for under voltages and over voltages

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