Product Details

  • Numerical Digital Voltage Relay with USB

    Model No : PNVNSP-CS

    PNVNSP range of relays provide reliable and high
    performance protection.
    The PNVNSP is a relay for AC Voltage supervision with
    universal application, it protects the three phase network
    against over, under voltage, unbalance or earth faults in
    isolated networks. Beside the pure RMS value measurement
    of the line voltage the PNVNSP evaluates the symmetrical
    components (U1, U2 & U0 sequence system). By evaluating
    these components relay PNVNSP can detect the phase
    sequence, voltage unbalance and earth faults.


    • Numeric DSP technology based relay.
    • Two Groups of configuration parameter.
    • Off line Trip Test mode
    • Suitable for 50Hz/60Hz
    • Single Phase/Three Phase selection
    • Front IP54 transparent dust cover

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