Product Details

  • Digital Energy Meter

    Model No : LCD - SINGLE - PDM9023-KWH

    All the phase voltages and currents are stepped down to the acceptable levels of energy
    meter chip. It process the acquired signal and performs the signal processing such as
    digitizing, filtering and averaging to extract active power, RMS values of current and
    voltages required computes the consumption of the energy. The measured values are
    stored as bit streams in the registers. These registers are accessed by serial interface using
    the microcontroller. Micro Controller accesses the data from the chip and displays the
    various electrical parameters and energy consumption for the EB Source with on hours on
    the LCD screen.


    • True RMS measurements
    • Accuracy class 1.0
    • 2 –Line, 16 Char back lit LCD display.
    • Confirms to IS-13779/ IEC-62052-11& IEC-62053-21
    • CT ratio- selectable from 5/5 to 3000/5
    • RS 485 PORT – Mod bus protocol
    • Compact and ideal for industrial environment