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  • LV Voltage Relay

    Model No : VD06-33

    In motors operating at low loads, failure of any one phase causes over voltages, which
    may cause rupture of insulation leading to motor burn out. Low voltage will cause
    synchronous motors to come out of synchronism at 75% of rated voltage. Induction
    motors may stop when voltage falls below 70%. Over voltages may occur due to
    defective voltage regulator, over speeding, caused by sudden drop in load on account of
    this di-electric property deteriorates. In single phase supply low voltage may cause over
    load on supply cable and thermal damage to insulation of windings.


    • Protection of synchronous and induction motors of any HP rating
    • Protection of generators, AMF switch Boards
    • Transformer feeder panel
    • Distribution boards
    • Voltage regulators
    • Protection f or UPS and single phase applications

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