Product Details

  • LV Voltage Relay

    Model No : MPVR-03

    Applications :

    • Protection of Synchronous and induction motor of any HP Rating
    • Protection of Generators, AMF switched Board
    • Transformer Feeder Panel
    • Distribution Boards
    • Voltage Regulators
    • Protection of UPS and Single phase application


    • User friendly setting Parameters
    • Monitor the line to line voltages continuously
    • Built in on delay and trip delay time settings
    • Field configurable reset gap voltage
    • Direct display of line to line voltages in 3 Phase models
    • Set value of Under Voltage (UV) and Over Voltage (OV) in terms of Set voltage directly
    • Phase fail and phase reversal protection in 3 phase models
    • Indication of faults through LED and LCD
    • Independent potential free output contacts for Under Voltage (UV)/ph. fail ,Ph reversal and Over Voltage(OV)

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