Product Details

  • DIN Mount

    Model No : DMPND

    Technical Specifications:

    • Rated System Voltage (Un): 415V AC
    • Tripping characteristic: DMT
    •  Model: DMPND
    •  Voltage setting range: (1-50) Volts in steps of 1V 
    • Trip Time setting range: (1-30) Sec In steps of 1Sec
    • Trip Time when Ph. & Neutral interchanged: 500mS ( Approx)
    •  Output Relay: 230VAC 5Amp /24VDC 5Amp
    •  Auto Reset provided on Healthy voltage resumption
    •  AUX. Voltage: 85-275V AC/DC Universal input, 50-60Hz
    •  Display: 8 chars 2 line LCD with backlit
    •  LED: For Visual indications of healthy & Trip status.
    •  Mounting: Flush mounting
    •  Dimensions: FLUSH MOUNTING: 96x96x65 mm (w x h x d) +/- 1mm Tolerance
    • DIN MOUNTING: 79x93x73 mm (l x h x b) +/- 1mm Tolerance


    • Display of voltage magnitudes, using 8 character 2 line LCD
    • User friendly Setting Parameters through key pad switch
    • Accurate and reliable measurement .of residual voltage.
    • Wide range for Selection of residual voltage
    • User configurable Definite tripping time (DMT)
    • Fast tripping response(<500mS) when Phase and Neutral are Interchanged
    • Industrial Rugged design in Din rail mounting as well as Panel Mounting.
    • Auto Reset provided on Healthy voltage resumption

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