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  • Microprocessor Based Digital ELR, 30mA-30A

    Model No : DMPELSPL-01

    Prok dv's make Digital microprocessor/microcontroller based Earth Leakage Relays (ELR) with
    Core Balance Current Transformer (CBCT / ZCT) are used to detect leakage currents in
    electrical power systems. ELR transmits a signal to activate the trip coil of the
    MCCB/ACB/OCB/CONTACTOR in the event of earth leakage resulting in automatic isolation
    of the load. ELR have been widely used and accepted because of field adaptability and
    are economic.
    Prok dv's make Earth Leakage Relay (ELR) MPEL series uses the state-of-the-art, Digital
    microprocessor/micro controller based protection device to detect low level leakage due
    to degradation of insulation of phase conductors or high impedance faults.The main feature
    of Digital microprocessor/microcontroller Earth Leakage Relay (ELR) continuous display of
    earth leakage currents of the power system. The unit has immunity to external disturbance
    like harmonics and transients.


    • Frame leakage protection for LT control panels and switch boards.
    • 8 character 2 line LCD displays with back-lit.
    • Test & Reset facility.
    • CBCT / ZCT connection monitoring facility.
    • Trip Circuit Failure indication.
    • Immune to harmonics and transients.
    • Tropicalized and rugged design.

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