Product Details

  • Microprocessor based Din Mount 10-32A

    Model No : PDMMPR-02

    Prok dv’s make Microcontroller Based Motor Protection Relay PD-MMPR-303 uses the state-of-the-art Microcontroller based measurement techniques for providing protection for Motors up-to 75HP. The comprehensive protection features of the relay make it ideal for Motor protection. The heart of the relay is microcontroller based reliable hardware with special algorithms to calculate the tripping time. The relay continuously monitors the Three Phase Currents to build the thermal replica of the Motor. This thermal replica is used to protect the Motor against Thermal over Loads.
    The Microcontroller Based Motor Protection Relay does not require external Current Transformer (CT) for its operation for within the bandwidth of Im ranges. The three phase R, Y and B cables are made to pass through the CT hole which is in the relay. The built in CT’s takes care of stepping down of the Currents to the required level. The stepped down three phase Currents are continuously monitored by the relay to detect any abnormal behavior of the Motor and to make tripping decision.


    • Accurate and Real Time TRUE RMS measurements
    • Motor Rated Current (Im) Selection by means of Pot meter with markings
    • Earth Fault Setting provided by means of Pot meter with markings
    • Selectable Thermal Trip Time characteristics Class - 10A, 10, 20 & 30
    • I > Thermal over load above105 % of Im - provided through visual led indication
    • Provided the Thermal replica for motor overload condition
    • Continuous monitoring of Motor IDLE/Stop, COLD, WARM, HOT, I> & Various Fault status through visual LED indication
    • Various Models with Current ratings
    • Compact and Reliable
    • Manual TEST / RESET Facility