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  • Microprocessor Based Static ELR, 4-12A

    Model No : EL-07

    Earth Leakage Current give rise to generation of heat and result in progressive failure of
    insulation, which leads to earth faults sparking flashovers, deterioration of earthing and finally
    results into catastrophic fires which destroys costly equipments, gadgets and precious lives.
    It is therefore essential to detect earth leakage current well before they cross the threshold
    limits and isolate the circuit in the event of leakages. Conventional over current and short
    circuit protection device are not designed detect earth leakage currents.

    Prok dv's make Static Earth Leakage Relay (ELR) with Core Balance Current Transformer ( CBCT
    / ZCT) are used to detect the leakage current in an Electrical Power System. Static Earth
    Leakage Relay (ELR) Transmits a signal to activate the trip coil of the MCCB/ACB/OCB
    CONTACTOR in the event of Earth leakage, resulting in automatic isolation of the electrical
    power system. Static earth leakage relay (ELR) and core balance current transformer (CBCT /
    ZCT) have been widely used and accepted because these have field adaptability and are


    • Frame Leakage protection for L.T. Control Panels and switch boards.
    • Earth Leakage protection for Feeders / Motors / Generators / Transformers / Mobile Operating Equipments.
    • Protection for hazardous sensitive environments like Oil Refineries/ Cement Plant/Steel Plant /Chemical Platforms/Pulp industries and General Electrical Distribution.
    • Protection for Mining & Control Engineering

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