Product Details

  • Microprocessor based Din Mount 20-64A

    Model No : PDMMPR-03

    Prok dv’s make Microcontroller Based Motor Protection Relay continuously monitoring Real Time Motor Current of all the Three Phases. When the Motor Current exceeds the set value Im, the relay issues a trip command after the calculated time elapse (Based on selection of trip Class). The relay visually indicating the fault trip status by means of LED’s.
    Two Set of potential free output changeover contact is provided in the relay C& NC and C& NO for trip circuit .The relay continuously monitors the Currents and using this data it builds Thermal replica of the Motor and monitoring the Thermal status of the Motor. This information is used to protect the Motor against Thermal over Loading.


    • Over Load Current Setting Range 1.0Amps – 96.0Amps in 4 ranges as explained in SL.13
    • Trip Time Characteristics Class -10A, 10, 20 &30 as per IEC 947-4-1(Default: Trip class 20) if none of the trip class selected by means of Dip switch
    • Thermal overload pick up above 105 % of Im indication through blinking of TOL led
    • Provided the Thermal Replica for Motor over load
    • Thermal overload pick up status I> indicated through visual LED indication