Product Details

  • Auto Source Changeover cum Current Limiter

    Model No : PACCL - 3Phase with Energy

    Microprocessor based Auto Source Changeover cum Current Limiter with Dual Source Energy Recording. It has  Contactor logic  incorporated with Electrical and Mechanical Interlock with current ratings upto 63A


    • Model PACCL-3Phase with Energy
    • • Current ratings 1Amps to 63Amps continuous duty when load on EB/DG
    • • While monitoring the Generator supply, it allows only a limited load and functions as Load limiter as per desired current (Factory set)
    • • Whenever Load Current exceeds the present limit, power is automatically switched off and on automatically after 9 seconds and trips again if the overload still exists this cycle(3sec ON & 6sec OFF) is repeated every 9 sec, ACCL will enter into LOCK OUT mode after 5 ON & OFF cycles if overloading of DG still exists.
    • • On resumption of EB mains, ACCL automatically changes from DG to EB and allows full current. ACCL comes out of LOCK OUT mode when EB resumes. The unit can be Reset manually by RESET switch
    • • The ON/OFF cycles can be set according to customer requirements (optional) . If the unit has entered LOCK OUT mode due to OV/UV, the unit has to be reset manually.