Product Details

  • Numerical Over Current and Earth Fault Relay

    Model No : PNA442AR

    Features :

    • Programmable 1A/5A rated CT input.
    • Three phase over current and earth fault protection
    • Draw out with self-CT shorting.
    • Three phase instantaneous over current protection.
    • Earth overcurrent instantaneous  
    • Negative phase sequence protection
    • Protection against broken conductor
    • Trip circuit supervision
    • Harmonic restraint
    • Circuit breaker failure detection
    • Programmable Auto enclosure
    • Fault recording
    • Event recording
    • Programmable matrix for -DO (Digital Out Put) and DI (Digital Input)
    • Relay latching /Non latching (pulsed) -option.
    • Protection blocking
    • Communication - local (USB) and Remote(RS-485)


    • Prok Devices Pvt ltd Make Numerical overcurrent and earth fault relay offers a compact multifunctional protection relay for   Feeder, Motor and Transformers. It  is a non-directional relay with IDMT (Inverse Definite Minimum Time), Definite time(DMT) and Instantaneous Trip time characteristics in single unit.
    • Relay has been designed for protecting, controlling and monitoring distribution networks and substations. They can be used as a part of protection scheme for feeder, transformers and generators.