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  • Tap Position Indicator

    Model No : TPI

    Prok dv’s make TAP POSITION INDICATOR (TPI) uses state-of-the-art dedicated hardware
    to indicate the transformer tap position through two digit Seven segment LED displays, while
    connected to a remote transformer work, Tap position from 1 to 99 steps will be indicated by
    the unit, increment of the readings will be in steps of one (each step represents 1 k- ohm),
    A potentiometer has been provided in front fascia of the unit, which can be used to
    compensate the connecting lead resistance at site, ON/OFF switch provided in the front fascia
    which indicates the power on status of the unit.
    Note: If Terminal point 17- Variable point of tap position is open shows decimal point in the
    Seven segment display
    Potentiometer shall be set to marking in the front facia